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Treasury Management Features

Cash Management

MyTreasur-e understands your critical need to quickly retrieve full liquidity information across the group at any point in time.

MyTreasur-e offers best of breed cash & liquidity features to make it easy to understand your funding, borrowing, and investment requirements in real-time, from the highest level down to the individual transaction. MyTreasur-e captures transactions from internal or external sources, including bank statements, to create a single, global view of balances by time buckets across all currencies and accounts.

MyTreasur-e also offers advanced cash management features such as payment management, cashflow reconciliation, netting, and sweeping to manage multiple banking relationships from a single platform.

Cash & Liquidity position data is easily accessible via reports and dashboards, giving you 360-degree views of all cashflows including forecasted cash position across the group. Reports are designed to assist in quickly identifying cash flow shortfalls, variances or surplus to manage borrowing programs or formulating investment strategy and thus initiate corrective actions well in advance and managing KPIs.

Features for Cash Management


Manage bank account static data across the group.

Connect to your bank partners to obtain daily bank statements in any currency and across geographic locations.


Import, Capture and Manage group and treasury-related cashflows in any currency and across geographic locations.

Reconcile and forecast your cash and liquidity positions


Maintain physical or notional sweeping/pooling structure with automated generation of relevant transfer instructions or calls to your facilities.

Reporting & Dashboards

Identify funding requirements or surplus funds.

Perform cashflow variance analysis across actuals, forecasts, and budgets.

Documentation & Controls

Store internal or external file documents against relevant records.

Full audit trails and configurable approval workflows across static and transactional data.

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