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Treasury Management Features

External Compliance

MyTreasur-e takes the worry out of your external compliance obligations through seamless end-to-end secure integration and a clear and effective audit trail

At MyTreasur-e, we're big believers in the power of collaboration and simplicity to end users. This drives our passion to ensure our clients enjoy the benefits of automated exchange of information to external authorities in a timely and secure manner, with full audit trail and history to count on at every step of the way.

Features for External Compliance

ASIC Equity Short Position Reporting

MyTreasur‑e offers fund managers to electronically report short sell positions to ASIC in a way that follows the rules of engagement defined by ASIC to report short selling positions taken on the Australian Stock Exchange.

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REST API with World Check Risk Intelligence from Refinitiv

MyTreasur-e provides a set of selective REST APIs to communicate with the World-Check Risk Intelligence database product from Refinitiv. This can assist MyTreasur-e customers to save time and effort, and increase the efficiency of their onboarding, KYC, AML, and third-party due diligence. 

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