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Treasury Management Features

Lease Management and Lease Accounting

MyTreasur-e Leasing takes out the complexity of staying on top of your IFRS 16 requirements.

We have taken the proven benefits of a treasury management system and applied them to the lease lifecycle to bring you the best of lease accounting and portfolio management in one simple solution.

Our solution was designed by software engineers (not accountants) – and it shows.  With proven experience in lease accounting and lease management, the focus of our leasing solution centres on simplicity coupled with flexibility.  Customisable portfolio screens, user defined dashboards, automated notifications, plus more, makes managing your lease portfolio easy.

Enterprise: For larger portfolios with specific needs.

  • Upload your Corporate Structure and General Ledger
  • Utilise the system as a Subledger
  • Advanced options for:
    • User Access
    • Custom Reporting
    • Workflow Customisation
    • Single Sign On and/or ERP integration

Professional: Keeping it simple for modest portfolios.

  • Pre-set defaults for configuration
  • Up to four logins with standard user access
  • Load your lease portfolio immediately
  • Minimal professional services required
  • Bells and whistles are still included such as automated notifications, but primarily what you need is a simple online tool to take care of your lease accounting requirements.

Features for Lease Management and Lease Accounting

Accounting and Workflow Options

Choice of 30/360 or Actual/365 interest calculation, Asset Amortisation Terms independent to the Lease Liability, Fully Customisable Workflows for Approval and Confirmation. Take control and let the system do the work for you.

Lifecycle and Modifications

Leases are constantly changing, so our built-in wizard makes it easy for users to record when this happens.

From payment updates, lease extensions, to contract re-negotiations and everything in between. We've got it covered so you’ll feel in control.

Reporting and Dashboards

Track your portfolio, see upcoming payments, run a trial balance, or check the audit logs.  Reports can be run ad hoc, downloaded in multiple formats, or scheduled through system generated emails.

Bulk Uploading

Tried and tested by our Treasury Management module for years, MyTreasur-e’s bulk uploading allows users to capture an entire portfolio in one click of a button.

Portfolio Management

MyTreasur-e Leasing makes managing your portfolio simple. Keep track of your assets, upload documentation, and receive automated emails when something changes.


Directly interface with your ERP or Single Sign On provider to make life as easy as possible.

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