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Treasury Management Features

Financial Instruments

With MyTreasur-e, you will find it easy to manage different types of trades, thanks to the consistent design and trade lifecycle management applied across all instruments.

The MyTreasur-e multi-entity treasury management system supports all asset classes, with seamless integration from deal capture through to accounting, reporting, and treasury functions. This is supported by easy-to-configure workflows to meet your specific business needs.

Features for Financial Instruments

Foreign Exchange Management

Track foreign exchange transactions including hedges and supporting cash flows, settlements, rollovers, bids, plus accounting entries.

Investment Management

Track investment transactions including term deposits and mutual funds and reporting with associated cash flows, settlements, resets, maturity, rollovers plus accounting entries.

Debt Management

Track short -and long-term debt obligations with reporting in place, including related cash flows, settlements, amortisations, resets, maturity, rollovers, plus accounting entries.

Credit Facility

Track bank credit facilities including participants, dates, notifications, and
limits for facility fees and availability.

Interest Rate Derivatives

Track interest rate derivatives including fixed-to-floating, amortising, and cross currency swaps, as well as commodity swaps and other IR derivative types. Drill-down reporting, cash flows (fixed and floating), and accounting are fully supported.


Track commodity transactions, starting with movement of minerals from mine sites to the ultimate point of sale, leading up to settlement and realisation of cash. Additionally, MyTreasur-e also supports commodity hedge programs. This allows mining companies to support a single operational model that includes strategic planning. You have the power of end-to-end tracking of quantity as well as cashflow, including risk associated with the full lifecycle of the commodity workflow.

Intercompany Loans

Track internal financial instruments between parent-and-subsidiary and/or subsidiary-to-subsidiary – including discount, interest, multi-coupon, and amortising types. Full reporting, cash flows, and accounting are supported for both sides of the transaction.


With MyTreasur-e, you can generate accounting entries for any financial deal transaction (FX, investments, debt, credit facilities, derivatives, commodities, and intercompany loans and auto post them to your main General Ledger.

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